I’m … but I’m not Surprised

Today, I am many things.

I am disappointed. I am disappointed in the failure of this country’s most basic form of governance and the display of radical terrorism shown at the Capitol today.

I am disheartened. I am disheartened that despite the evidence clearly pointing to the contrary, there are still yet thousands of right-wing politicians and civilians willing to threaten the basic safety and sanctions set forth by our legislation all to baselessly claim an Election Day victory.

I am angry. I am angry that the “party of law and order,” the “party of family values,” the “party of the economy,” has degraded to this level.

I am irate. I am enraged. I am incandescent. But I am not surprised.

I am many things… but I am not surprised.

I am not surprised, because the President that rallied his supporters to storm the Capitol during an electoral vote count is the same one who quoted, “When the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

I am not surprised, because when Ahmaud Arbery, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Jacob Blake, Eric Garner, Tamir Rice, and countless others were killed because of the color of their skin, America was silent.

I am not surprised, because when the American people were on their last legs after months of economic stagnation and layoffs, politicians refused to pass a $2000 stimulus check whilst making their lockdown-flouting haircut appointments in the same breath.

I am not surprised because a country that witnesses the utter collapse of its government is one that saw one thousand near misses and waited.

Recognizing America as a failed state is something that should’ve happened years ago, not today. Today is not the defining moment that separates “true patriots” and terrorists; that day passed long ago. Today is not even the culmination of deep-seated prejudice and bigotry of years past. No, today is just another day for the GOP — another day living untethered from reality.

America is a country divided, a country resting precariously on the precipice of damnation, a country relying on two Senate runoffs in Georgia to decide the fate of the nation. Democracy was under attack today, but democracy has been under attack for years, decades, perhaps since the country’s inception.

Democracy is fundamentally a system of compromise, and America has never truly learned what it means to work together.

Mikki Kendall

Domestic terrorism has many forms, yet one never questioned is the one that dons a white face, red cap, and flag. This, once again, is a reflection of our country. It is a reflection of our instability and inability to create change, and it is a reflection of the faces marked with a scowl that tear down our flag for one that bears no witness to the American dream.

Today was the manifestation of Americans’ obsession with compartmentalization (SEE: Politics vs. The Economy vs. Social Justice vs. Basic Human Rights). None of these issues are mutually exclusive, nor will they ever be. Moving forward, the weight of today’s events will press on in the rubber band ball of history, but the question is whether or not they will be acted upon.

My advice to America? To MAGA terrorists: do better. To politicians: do better. And to everyone: do better.

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